Mom’s Monthly Must-Haves

Happy October! 

I can’t believe it is already that time again to round up my Monthly Must Haves. On the agenda is month three with a newborn! This month was when Avery started to fall into a Night time Routine and really came into her personality (all the smiles and coos). Let’s dive in. ☺️ 

  • Snuggle Me Organic: This is an M. V. P.! I give a lot of credit to this product for why Avery sleeps so well at night.  This is the perfect lounger during the day and for us was a must have for night time as well because it nestled around her like a hug keeping her secure. We bought the “puddle pad” and two covers for it and I am so glad we did! All the products are durable and easy to launder which is a major key when you have a baby who has reflux and spits up on EVERYTHING!

  • Munchkin Latch Bottles: Being that Avery was born prematurely and didn't start breastfeeding until May, we were giving her a bottle after her feeding tube was removed. The hospital gave use a few bottles and nipples, but we quickly noticed that the milk was pouring out and running down her chin even with using a Stage One nipple. We asked the lactation consultant for her opinion on a good slow flow bottle. She gave us the “Munchkin Latch “ and told us she had heard great things about them. They have an “anti colic valve” that helps remove the air from the bottle, which can decrease tummy troubles/colic. They work perfectly for Avery and you can buy different stage nipples as your baby grows. They come apart in three pieces so washing is a breeze too!   

  • Fischer Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym : This product is still one of Avery’s favorites and it is a great distraction when I am trying to do some basic tasks like: go to the bathroom, load the dishwasher, fold laundry, or get dressed. Avery LOVES to be held so I wasn't sure how she would like being laid on the floor, but she did really well as long as I was in sight or checked in on her every few minutes. She loves to kick her feet and interact with the toys that hang above her head. It is great because as she transitions to sitting up I can disconnect the piano and she can play it with her hands while sitting.

  • Car seat/Nursing cover: The car seat/nursing cover that I bought is from a local gal in Minnesota, but there are so many quality brands! I was looking for one that was lightweight, breathable, and stretchy! Milk Snob is the brand that I registered for (the prints are drool worthy)! I like to keep Avery covered when we go into stores (especially when she was itty bitty) to deter people from touching her. You would be shocked the number of people that will reach into the car seat and hold your little one’s hand or touch their head!! Avery is now to the age that she wants to see what is happening around her, so unless she is sleeping she will cry if sequestered from the fun!

Any of these items would make awesome baby shower presents! If you have any questions about the products I listed comment them below!

What were some of your must haves during month three with your little one?