If You Can Read this blog you are lucky.

Enough is a feast.
— Buddhist proverb

Chances are the title of this blog made you think one of two things: One: she must think her blogs are really good, she is a little conceited. Two: She is making a point about how lucky I am to have the ability to see, read, and have access to the internet and a phone. Dramatic you may say, I say that makes you lucky.

Recently my eyes were opened and I feel like the timing is perfect with Thanksgiving being today and the holidays to follow. Being thankful everyday, not just on a day that has the word in the title, takes conscious effort. It is far easier to get swept up in the daily routine, mine being: Wake up, roll out of my toasty bed, go to the downstairs level of the house I share with my husband and daughter, make a TALL cup of coffee, eat breakfast, listen to a podcast while I wash my face, do my make up and choose my clothing from an array of options, brush my teeth, pack my lunch, get in my car, drive to work, make money to help support my family, etc. YOU GET THE POINT, I hope. But when you think of all you have not just as being the norm you will see each part of your life as a blessing not as a given.

Look around, literally right now, what do you see? Chances are you see a room filled with belongings, a warm chair or couch that you are nestled on, maybe a few photos of people that are supportive in your life and loved, and a cell phone or laptop that allows you to read this blog. Now think about if you didn’t have these items. Yes, some of these are literally just objects that are not significant, but chances are there are more things of value that you take for granted every. single. day. One of those being warmth: is your home, apartment, parents basement, warm? If you answer this, “yes,” then be thankful for that. I saw an article in the Minneapolis newspaper about a homeless camp on the side of a highway being moved elsewhere and the city working to find a place for them to sleep with winter approaching. Patrick and I happened to drive past this camp in October and it opened my eyes! I am not naive to the fact that there are sooo many people that are either living on the streets, in their car, or with someone else temporarily, but seeing it first hand hit me in the heart. I have been taking for granted the basics that I am lucky enough to have. I have a warm home, food, water, clothing, I have a capable body and mind, and so many other blessings. Honestly, before I had Avery I took a lot for granted and I am not ashamed to admit that, because I am pushing myself to be more grateful each day.

So, when you wake up each morning take the five minutes you usually spend snoozing your alarm or mindlessly scrolling social platforms and instead write out a list of gratitude. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? What are you going to make happen today? Then (here comes the hard part) ready? … Do all the things! Thank those who made your gratitude list, show them your appreciation, then push towards achieving goals and take the initiative to help someone less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving !!