Mom’s Monthly Must-Haves

Hello All & welcome back! 

If you haven't read up on last months must-haves for the first month with a newborn, please take a few minutes to do that! Around month two, my husband and I began to feel like we were wrapping our heads around how to care for a newborn while being a wee bit sleep deprived. Below are some products that we used and loved!

1. Light Weight Swaddles: I included swaddles in last months post, BUT these were a game changer in month two with my daughter Avery due to how hot it was on the second floor of our home. We live in a 1930's colonial and let me tell you the humidity was too much for a baby in a fleece swaddle. I love these "SwaddleMe" cotton swaddles. They have velcro tabs to hold them in place and are so stretchy and easy to launder.

2. White Noise Machine: We purchased the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Night Light and used it from day one! Initially, Avery was soothed using the white noise setting, but around month two we transitioned into using the lullabies and she loved them! The timer is my favorite feature about this product. During nap time, I put it on the continual setting so it drowns out the noises from me running the vacuum cleaner into the legs of the sofa or the dog barking at walkers. 😂 While at bedtime, we use the one hour setting so it doesn't run all night long!

3. Gripe Water: Avery was very colicky for the first few months and had some tummy troubles due to being on rice cereal additive to breast milk to decrease spit up (per doctor), so we tried gripe water to ease stomach discomfort/fussiness. It worked like a charm and helped her to settle down. If your baby is fussy or gassy, I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

4. Bibs: The Neat Solutions Water Resistant bibs were a lifesaver when Avery was diagnosed with reflux and was constantly spitting up. We received them from a co-worker and she was absolutely right that these are great for dealing with spit up and drool. They have held up very well with frequent, almost daily, washing!

What are some of your must haves for the second month with a newborn?

Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope your Labor Day weekend was relaxing & surrounded by family & friends!