Mom's Monthly Must-Haves

Happy November readers! We are nearing Thanksgiving and then it will be the down hill slide to Christmas and 2019!!! I cannot believe it! With no further ado… here is my round up of month four with a newborn. These are just a few of the items that I loved during this month with Avery.

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator: This was a product that I was a little weary of, but when I was doing my registry I realized that it would be worth a try (once I got over the initial ooooh.) Avery woke up one morning and was so congested that she couldn’t breast feed and that was the ah-ha moment. I realized it was time to bust it out of the packaging. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and as long as the little blue filter is in place you don’t need to worry!

Skip Hop Sitting Play Center: I read great reviews about this product and jumped on the band wagon. I bought it a little too soon, around the 3.5 month mark, and Avery was not quite strong enough to hold her neck up while reaching for the toys. I had to put a stack of books under the platform so she could reach on her tippy toes! Once she was strong, and tall enough, to use this product it was one of her favorites! The piano can be on the table portion so she can play it with her hands or it can be placed on the foot platform so she can step on the keys and see them light on through the transparent portion.

Bootie Slipper Socks: I found these at Target and decided to give them a try since socks are IMPOSSIBLE to keep on a baby’s foot. They worked so well for Avery and stayed in place with one snap. It doesn’t hurt that they are super cute!They are available in sizes ranging from 0-9 months. I bought a cream and a gray pair so she will always have a pair to match her outfit, you know me always trying to accessorize.

Security Blanket: I had received a security blanket from a co-worker and I was not sure how much use it would get over just a “normal” size blanket, but once it was introduced to Avery she loved it! She uses it in her car seat (on warmer Minnesota days that we don’t need an afghan and car seat cover :)) and cuddles with the stuffed animal. There are also security blankets that attach to a pacifier which is a simple way to keep track of your baby’s pacifier while in the car seat.

These items would make perfect Christmas presents and Avery still uses all of them even at 7 months old. Thank you for stopping by the blog! Leave a comment below with some of your must haves.