Implementing a Night Time Routine

Around three months my husband and I decided it was time to transition our daughter, Avery, into her crib from the Rock N Play. With the combination of Avery having colic, gastrointestinal reflux, and overall being a little unpredictable we felt like it was time to start a bedtime routine.

The order or time that you perform these steps will vary depending on your baby!

  1. (6:00pm-6:30pm) Dinnertime Feeding: It just so happens that Avery loves to eat around the time that we are trying to eat dinner, convenient? But right now Patrick and I just roll with it and I feed her while he eats and then he burps her while I chow down!

  2. (7:30pm) Bath: Around the time Avery was 3-4 months old she fell in love with bath time! She loves to kick her legs and thrash her arms around! We enjoy this time too and are usually egging her on to “splash your (dad or mom)” and singing the “splish splash” song. We use the Blooming Bath Lotus and lay it in the bath tub for a soft place for her to explore. We did use it in the sink for a while, but with Patrick trying to hold her upright and me washing her we quickly became tangled up. One of our favorite products for bath time is the 4 moms Spout Cover with built in thermometer. I love the peace of mind, it alerts if the water becomes too hot or too cold and the screen displays green when the water is at an “optimal temperature.”

  3. Massage: We use either doTERRA Baby Lotion (all natural product and it smells like a field of lavender) or Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion.

  4. Bedtime Story: Hands down this is our favorite part of the routine. I can see it always being that way as Avery becomes more interactive! Story time is when you fire up your best impersonations and silliest facial expressions. I do a mean “Grinch” if I do say so myself.

  5. (7:45pm-8:00pm) Feeding: Whether it is breast fed, breast milk in a bottle, or formula: I believe in the manta “FED is BEST.” Patrick and I usually do breast milk in a bottle so he can get in some cuddles and bonding time with Avery. Then we trade off on who does the feeding and who reads the bedtime story.

  6. Swaddle: We tried undoing the swaddle routine, but Avery would just startle herself awake. We plan to try to wean her off it soon, but for now it is a must. The swaddles we use and love are in my Mom’s Monthly Must Haves blog 1 & 2. They are super durable and hold up well with frequent washing.

  7. (8:15-8:30pm) Lights out: We turn on the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light, flip on the baby monitor, give her a Vitamin D drop on her pacifier, and then we tip toe out of the room (trying to dodge “that” squeaky floor board).


I hope these ideas help you to form your own bedtime routine! I love this time of the day, especially since starting back to work, because we get to unwind and have uninterrupted time as a family.

What are somethings that are  a part of your bedtime routine? I would love to hear them, comment below!