Guess who's back...back again.

Happy New Year, I am happy to be back on the blog scene! I hope 2019 is treating you right and if not…what are you going to do to change that? In the past few years I have set goals and then wondered why some of them have not flourished. Looking back I can easily see the common denominator, me. Well that sounds harsh, but it is true. Certain goals are “easier” to accomplish while others take consistency that spans for months and possibly even years. Here is the part that trips me up time and time again: If I get off track and I mean really get off track (like I cannot see the track anymore) I then just move onto something else because who likes to start over on a goal that is hard? No one because you feel a sense of failure or defeat. But I am here with this breaking news, zero growth happens from failure unless you get back up and try again.

This year alongside a few goals I am going to set a word that I want to blanket my life. My word is: Nourish:/ˈnəriSH/verb

  1. provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

  • Nourish my body physically with more nutrient rich food choices and water. Patrick and I went to Rachel Hollis’ documentary “Made for More” and she talked about choosing one goal, big or small, and go all in on that goal for 30 days. Do it everyday and it will become a habit. I chose a small goal, drink 80 ounces of water a day. I believe that by day 30 I will do this without having to remind myself. I am going to do things in 30 day increments and see what positive habits I can adopt and what negative ones I can ditch.

  • Nourish my body with more physical activity. Oofta, this one is a weakness (well besides chocolate). I am working on ditching the BS excuses and finding enjoyable ways and time to move. I am someone that values my sleep so if I am choosing to “sleep in” that means that physical activity has to happen once Avery is in bed or in the warmer months with Avery in tow.

  • Nourish my mind with books, podcasts, and uplifting content. This is something that I challenge everyone to do. Social media can be the enemy or a tool in your box. There are times that I get sucked into the comparisons and I feel like social media adds a weight on my life, but I am identifying those people or accounts that make me feel less than and replacing them with those who light a fire for me to be more/do more.

  • Nourish my mind with ways to break away from being a wife and mother and do something that brings me joy. It can be as simple as a hot bath, music that pumps me up, or time where I am off duty as mom and can be creative. I am striving to do something simple at least once a week.

  • Nourish my family through positivity, wow that sounds cheesy! What I mean by that is if I help to support Patrick, Avery, and my family then that allows them to feel fulfillment. An example of this is encouraging Patrick to go to the gym even if that means him stepping away on the weekend so he can get time for his physical and mental health. When he comes back from his personal time I can feel his spirit and mood is positive and that is good for our household dynamic.

I encourage you to choose a word and be intentional about applying it to your life. I would love to hear if you have a word or goals/resolutions for twenty-nineteen!