Today is my Birthday. Today I turn 25 & let me tell you, I am not sad nor freaking out about this fact.

I am who I am because of my mistakes and triumphs. Here are 25 things I have learned over my life thus far.

1. There is no better feeling then when a baby grabs onto your finger.  

2. Ajax is the best dollar you can spend. It will out clean more expensive products.  

3. Trust your gut- even when your head is speaking differently.  

4. One day you will meet someone that lights your heart on fire, dive in with that person. If your scared of being hurt then your not allowing yourself the possibility of love.  

5. The first things to do after closing on a house: buy a package of toilet paper and change the locks.

6. Money can be a motivator, but don't let it be the focus or reason why you do something.

7. Give someone an authentic compliment. You never know the positive ray it will shine over the rest of their day.

8. If you take the time to write out a monthly budget, make sure to make it realistic. If you drink a $5 cup of coffee every morning include that in your expenses, it will make the coffee taste so much better knowing you didn't cheat on your budget.

9. Kick fear to the curb.

10. Do not put off experiencing new cultures, cities, or experience because you only have the rest of your life and you don't know how long that is.

11. Take an obnoxious amount of photos.

12. Be spontaneous.

13. Think before you speak especially if your first instinct is to say “no.” “No” has become a reflex response, spend more time actually listening than thinking of your answer.

14. Make your boyfriend watch The Notebook, if he doesn't cry or feel “choked up,” he is not the one.

15. Who cares who is watching, eat those BBQ ribs and wear that sauce as a beard of honor.

16.The mesh undies you are given in the hospital after having a baby are life savers, stock up.

17. Write things down or you will forget.

18.Cuddle your babies for as long as they will let you.

19. Eat Mexican food at least once a week, it will “spice up your life.”

20. Quote songs and movies whenever they fit into a conversation. If anyone acknowledges your quote know that they are on the same “coolness level” as you.

21. Drink wine.

22. It is okay if you still count using your fingers.

23. Coffee saves lives, as I say “No coffee= no worky.”

24. Overuse “I love you.” But always mean it- don’t use those powerful words just as a conversation filler.

25. Never stop dreaming, never stop chasing, never change yourself to fit into a mold, always know that you are enough, and your season will come when its meant to be.